Plant Room Refurbishments

From refurbishing your whole plant room to just replacing the boiler, you’ll find the dedicated team at Closewood giving you total peace of mind as they manage every aspect of the project and add extra value.

For example, this year we are installing a free, energy saving PIR lighting system for every Plant Room refresh because we know a well-serviced plant room is rarely visited and it is essential the lights have automatically switched off.

>Free PIR System with every Plant Room Refurbishment

Whether you are putting out to tender or planning a Plant Room refurbishment for next year, contact the friendly Closewood team today for a free site survey.

The Refurbishment Includes

  • Free site survey: visual inspection & condition report
  • Design & Timetable
  • Savings and Payback Time
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Making good all alterations
  • Service and Maintenance plan
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From a Free Site Survey to Maintenance Plan

Starting with a free site survey you’ll be presented with a design, plan and full details on how you will save money in energy costs, plus the payback time on your investment. You will be given the best solution for your Plant Room, a timetable that fits around your schedule and a commitment that your Plant Room room will be left looking immaculate.

The final element will be a support, service and maintenance contract that protects your investment and helps your staff understand any controls and settings.

The Benefits of Closewood’s Experience

With over 20 years of design, installation and maintenance Closewood can bring you a very experienced team that has worked on many systems, in all types of buildings. From the Shard in the City of London to classic village schools, there is not a room or situation the engineers haven’t tackled.

Below are some of the reasons why you should pick Closewood to design and install your new system in order to save you energy and running costs.

Highly Skilled Staff
  • Understanding of all relevant construction and electrical codes
  • Accredited manufacturer and installer
  • Finance options available
  • Experienced at working in large and older buildings
  • Giving the best advice on the most efficient systems to install
  • Understanding design issues from legacy plant rooms.
  • Installing “easy to maintain” equipment to reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Ensure even heat distribution and monitoring
  • Engineers that understand attention to detail is essential
  • Works completed during holidays, minimising disruption to school activities.
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Energy conservation.
  • Control panels that are user-friendly to help reduce costs and improve climate
  • Have replaced old coal boilers, oil and gas systems

Experienced Installers

The survey and experience might reveal that you need a new type of system. Our team has experience installing this equipment…

  • Air source heat pumps.
  • Solar Thermal.
  • Radiant underfloor heating systems.
  • Radiant overhead gas fired systems.
  • Radiant panels.
  • Warm air.
  • Gas, Oil & Biomass LPHW heating.
  • Modular packaged plant rooms.

Plant Room Contents for Replacement

Our free survey may indicate you don’t need a complete refurbishment, there might be elements that are worth keeping and can be replaced at a later date. Our inspection will include surveying these items:

  • Boiler
  • Pipes
  • Controls
  • Ducting
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Floor and walls
  • Fittings

In our experience, no plant room is the same and all of them can be improved so that reduce running costs and are easy to maintain. The team at Closewood is ready to help you, so please give them a call today.

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