Mechanical Service and Maintenance

Do you have an urgent issue with a boiler, air conditioning unit, heating system or plumbing? A quick call to Closewood will enable us to put in place a plan of action to resolve your issue.

However, if you want to prevent any of these issues occurring in the future then you’ll need a regular service and maintenance contract.

It is more cost effective for a business to keep its mechanical equipment in top condition. With regular maintenance you will have a better idea of the likelihood of any parts that are coming to the end of their lifecycle. This then allows for any replacement parts to be fitted before they fail and cause major disruption.

Whether it’s service or maintenance, the Closewood team can normally eliminate any potential problems and with a quick and efficient staff to assist and resolve technical issues you’ll be in safe hands.

Do these Concerns Seem Familiar

  • Are there hidden costs?
  • Will there be good comunication?
  • Do you make site visits?
  • Will the engineer know what is required?
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    How Does it Work?

    Closewood Mechanical Service and Maintenance will assess the problem as soon as you call, ensuring you get the right help immediately. Our highly trained staff are available both over the phone, through email and will make site visits, offering a service for any issue.

    Once the engineer arrives, all details that have been provided will be double checked. Then, when the fault has been confirmed and fixed there will be a follow up call to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

    No Hidden Costs

    One of the biggest concerns for any customer is fears of escalating costs. Closewood customers will always know the price of their service before the work takes place. There will be no hidden costs or surprises.

    Our charges will always be clearly detailed in an email to you with our rates and prices of spare parts and replacements as and when required.


    Are you tired of being left in dark during repairs and maintenance? When receiving repairs or services from Closewood you can be reassured of the progress with regular updates from the Maintenance team, so you can know exactly how long the job will take to complete.

    New and Regular Customers


    If you’re not a current customer of Closewood, we can offer a range of maintenance services to suit your needs. Just call the office and we’ll arrange for a quote based on your asset list or a visit before sending you a quote.

    If you are already a Closewood customer all you need to is follow these two simple steps:

  • Provide your contact details and an email address
  • Fill in an engineer request call out form
  • New clients are always quoted for a maintenance contract, since the equipment Closewood installs comes with warranties lasting between five to seven years. If there is no regular maintenance, then the warranty will expire leading to potentially costly repairs.

    After every service & maintenance visit our customers receive:

  • A detailed report outlining the details of the completed service
  • A copy of the dynamic risk assessment completed on site by the engineer
  • Any required certification
  • Recommendations for any future work
  • Quotation for any future works
  • Invoice for service completed
  • Customer satisfaction is always a priority at Closewood and whether you are a new or regular customer you will always receive the same level of service.

    Contact us today on 02392 986 449 and we’ll arrange the service and maintenance that your system requires.