Mechanical Design

Have you designed a mechanical installation and want a team dedicated to following it precisely ? Or do you need professional help in designing a project ? Maybe you have been given a design and need a second opinion ?

Designing and planning a mechanical installation requires both knowledge and accuracy to ensure a suitable system based on specific application.Calculations have to be checked and a forward thinking approach is required, as part of a duty of care.

Do you have these Design Concerns?

  • Are the specifications correct?
  • WIll the system be the most efficient?
  • Have the latest innovations been considered?
  • Will it be easy to service and maintain?
  • Will it be future proof?

Design is part of the Closewood Service

Design is inclusive of the cost as part of the Closewood service.

Closewood has a duty to its customers that it designs the best system for the building, that it works to the highest of standards and efficiencies, and is easy to service and maintain.

You will receive a mechanical design that has been doubled-checked by colleagues with every aspect considered – taking into consideration building constraints and how and where equipment and plant will be located.

This is why at Closewood we help you develop mechanical designs and perform the necessary checks on your projects to ensure all health and safety criteria is met and taking into consideration the implications of any impending changes in legislation.

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Thinking of the Future

A good design does not just focus on job required, it also looks at how easy it is to service and maintain the equipment once the installation is completed. All equipment will come with warranties, and regular servicing that those warranties are maintained.

If access to the installed system makes it difficult to service, such are installed into unsuitable spaces or there is not enough space to remove parts, then the design has failed.

Closewood look at the job in hand and make sure service engineers will be able to reach essential areas of any piece of equipment.

Mechanical Design

The replacement of parts should be easy, with minimal risk and is always taken into consideration. There is no point installing a large boiler if replacing it in ten years’ time is going to cause major access issues to units may be an option.

When designing and planning a mechanical installation you want to know your system will run both efficiently and safely. Guided by a selection of specially-trained staff, we can help plan your installations with all requirements at the forefront – safety, cost and the life cycle of your system.

Bring your Designs to Closewood

The Closewood Mechanical team is flexible to your requirements. Whether you wish to design a project independently or work with one of our designers, we can guide you through your plans and every process of the installation.

When a set of designs is submitted we will always check them to make the calculations are correct and sometimes using their experience suggest a better alternative.

This service is included in our cost, as well as necessary checks and assessments throughout the development process. Our team will work to continuously to research the project and discuss your plans, so you will always have control on the development of your mechanical installation.

As a Closewood Customer, you will have the assurance of receiving the most cost effective proposal and calculations from our staff on your planned design. This will ensure you are receiving the best price for your development, saving you from any hidden costs.

If you would like to know more then contact the friendly team at Closewood on 02392 986 449