Mechanical Commissioning

Are you responsible for getting a new system installed in your building? But how can you be sure that will work exactly as designed? When the installation team have left, what guarantees are in place that the system won’t fail, have intermittent faults or be too noisey?

You don’t want to deal with staff or customer complaints after a new installation, which is why the team at Closewood will never hand over a mechanical installation unless it has been fully commissioning. This is a vital part of any installation or project.

Are These Familiar Thoughts?

  • How do I know that the finished system will be working?
  • Will it meet the design parameters?
  • What if faults are uncovered?
  • Will I get paperwork detailing the results of commissioning?
  • Will I be shown how the system works?

What is Commissioning?

For a client, the most stressful part of any installation is discovering that the work does not meet the specifications long after the engineers have gone.

This is why our mechanical commissioning starts from day one. It continues throughout the installation process, so your installation is guaranteed to work smoothly once it has been handed over.

Once the final item is installed the process of fine tuning and balancing begins. Whether it is ensuring your system has the correct air/ water flow, or gas pressure, the experienced team are all experts in their field, who will deliver excellent results.

Once the system has demonstrated that it meets the parameters set out in the design it will be handed over to you with the reassurance that it is running at its optimum performance.

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Confidence in the Designs and Installation.

Planning and preparation are key to a successful commissioning process. With highly trained staff working with you through the designs and installation process, you can rest assured that your system will ready to work.

Commissioning is made easier by ensuring the designs are rigorously checked so that every stage of the installation inspected before the next step continues. This ensures there are no surprises at the end of the project and prior to commissioning.

You can be confident the system will be working to the highest standards before commissioning begins as Closewood takes away your fear of things going wrong, by making sure they are right through every step of the process.

Size isn’t a Problem

Comissioning an Air Conditioning Unit

If you have a larger project, the project manager will arrange a specialist commissioning team to handle complex installations. For all other projects the Closewood team will have the knowledge and understanding to undertake the commissioning process on all projects.

The engineers they take pride in their work, coupled with their experience and dedication to detail ensures that they know the job will be finished to very high standard.

Our most important priority at Closewood is to ensure all your requirements are met with every mechanical installation. Communication is vital at all times even at commissioning stage of the project.

With highly-trained staff working with you through the designs and installation process, right up to the commissioning, you can rest assured that your system will ready to work, with no surprises.

If you are unsure of the system operation, our team are always on hand to give you advice, guidance and training.

To find out more about the commissioning process and plan your next mechanical installation please contact the friendly Closewood team on 02392 986 449