Mechanical Services

Closewood Ltd - Mechanical Serivces

If your refurbishment or new build needs plumbing, heating and ventilation then the Closewood mechanical services department can provide expert technicians to plan and install any system.

Closewood’s Experience

With projects needing to meet deadlines and pass inspection you can be assured that Closewood perform the full range of mechanical tasks and we take great pride in the quality of our installations.

Having over 20 years experience, the installation team have developed a reputation for top quality work, with a number of clients commenting on the exceptional standard of our services.

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With the wide variety of factors found in performing mechanical work, Closewood have specialist knowledge of plumbing, heating, drainage, insulation and controls.

This also includes distribution work involving commissioning valves, stations and domestic appliances, along with our engineers’ precision in labelling, testing and commissioning.

Mechanical Services

From designing and implementing projects such as boiler installation, through to ensuring the operational efficiency of plant rooms, Closewood’s Mechanical Services department can provide high quality work on the external and internal elements of a building.

Efficiency Through Knowledge

Along with the skills involved for a quality installation, the Closewood team have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest mechanical products and materials.

From the efficiencies of brand new boilers, to the regulations regarding mechanical work, our staff members are very well trained and expected to regularly update their knowledge.

We work in combination with the consultants on every project to ensure the practicality of mechanical tasks and standards of design work.

When Would I Need Your Services?

The majority of clients call upon Closewood to assist with refurbishments and new builds.

Some clients return to Closewood when they are expanding into a new business premises and have hired a consultant for the design work and ask Closewood to tender for the mechanical work.

Closewood are more focused upon commercial mechanical services. However, we do assist in the maintenance of heating systems and domestic appliances.

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What Type Of Companies And Sectors Have You Worked With?

The range and size of your project is not an issue to Closewood. We work with commercial, office based businesses, landlords, consultants and building developers all of which have used the broad range of mechanical services offered by Closewood.

Hotels including the Shard have used our services, as well as office blocks, factories and particularly sensitive property owners have called upon Closewood.

Recently we completed work on the ventilation and plant rooms of West Sussex County Council.

What Efficiencies Can You Make?

Combining cost effectiveness with high quality are one of the many skills that Closewood take pride in. We are regularly finding ways of saving considerable amounts of money for our clients through value engineering and will always make that a priority when commencing new projects. This involves consideration of cost savings in relation to the design and specification of the project.

Another area where we help clients meet their targets is the mechanical engineers employed by Closewood form part of a tight knit team.

We don't have huge overheads and always take the time to analise the project programme and consider the specific requirements for labour at different times.

We consider it a priority to maximise productivity and minimise the amount of redundant time spent by our engineers.

Closewood have established relationships with the key suppliers & manufacturers. These relationships have ensured we have been able to secure discounts on project materials as we are ordering in bulk.

Does This Work Involve Long Term Contracts?

In a word, yes. Closewood have the capacity to deal with projects of differing durations.

Experienced Closewood representatives have worked on projects lasting up to five years, including long term property development. In those instances Closewood will hire a full time non-working foreman for successful project management.

Recent work on the Shard took about eight months to complete and a data centre took six months.

Health and safety issues will always be taken into account, cabins and welfare will be installed on site.

What Training Have Your Staff Been Through?

With regards to mechanical work, all of the health and safety training has been carried out. We have completed the SMSTS five day manager training course.

Closewood are happy to provide evidence to those clients who expect more than the completion of the basic CSCS card.

Key personnel have formal health & safety qualifications to include IOSH certification and a diploma in site management along with numerous, industry standard health and safety qualifications. We also consider it a priority to register for updated training whenever certificates come up for renewal.

The installation staff are given comprehensive training. The right level of investment is made to ensure that everybody is adequately qualified and prepared for the challenges of mechanical work.

Are There Any Environmental Benefits?

Closewood do take environmental issues into account when working on mechanical projects. We work with consultants who source green products and materials. Clients can expect the installation of efficient boilers, free-cooling ventilation systems and smart fans.

We have carried out some projects in combination with representatives from the environmental agency. Closewood have had to prove that they are taking extra steps to ensure that environment points are picked up.

On previous projects Closewood have been involved in the installation of rain-harvesting systems, lady-bird boxes and bird houses for the purpose of remaining environmentally friendly. We also install energy-efficient boilers for guaranteed long term financial savings.

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