Electrical Thermal Inspections

Catch faults early without switching off electrical systems with a thermal inspection – if you are the type of person who wishes they could have foreseen a problem, then this service is for you. Thermal imaging can indicate temperature differentials caused by leaks and draughts, not only limited to electrical systems thermal imaging can be utilised for investigations into mechanical systems also.

Thermal inspections are like having X-ray vision and foresight wrapped up in one. Not only does your electrical system continue to operate while an inspection takes place, but you will also receive a full report and images, plus details of hot-spot locations which have formed, along with solutions to solve a possible crisis.

What’s on your mind?

  • What is a thermal inspection?
  • Will it interrupt with my business?
  • Do you need to shut down the system?
  • Can the test be done in more places than the fuse box?
  • When’s an ideal time for a thermal inspection?

If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions, then the answers are listed below.

How a thermal inspection can help you

Inspecting Electrical Installations with a thermal camera

Using a thermal imaging camera to measure the temperature difference of appliances, a thermal inspection can identify:

  • cable overload.
  • weak electrical joints.
  • loose, damaged connections.
  • failing components in a fuse box.
  • appliances with faults.

Problem areas are found due to excessive generated heat which is presented in a report using images produced by the camera.

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Testing working environments

This method is also used for other electrical appliances, such as sockets on walls and light fittings attached to the ceiling. If one socket is hotter than the others then it could be due to a loose connection which needs investigating.

Hidden dangers are exposed such as overheating, weak or broken cables that could pose a fire risk or electrical shock to you, your employees or your visitors.

Thermal inspections can quickly highlight problems which can be sorted swiftly before the damage gets worse – which makes it a very cost effective solution.

Stay Calm and Carry On

Inspecting Electrical Installations with a thermal camera

Thermal testing is a non-intrusive test. It doesn’t involve shutting down any electrical systems, allowing your business, service or home to keep running while an inspection takes place.

These checks can also be completed in one morning when we will present you with a full report spotlighting issues which would be unseen by the naked eye.

The more heat is given off by the appliance, the larger the fault could be. The inspection crucially exposes the severity of these invisible threats.

What you can Expect from Closewood…

  • Minimum disturbance to you, your employees and your visitors.
  • No interruption to your business due to shut downs.
  • Over 35 years’ experience.
  • Full report after inspection showing problem areas.
  • Advanced equipment, expert handler.

If you want to stay one step ahead and keep your business safe then book a thermal inspection from Closewood.

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