Electrical Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

If you are unsure how safe your business’ electrical equipment is, or want to keep it in top condition to protect your reputation, then you will need a company with experience to carry out quality PAT tests. Take this simple step to for peace of mind, as well as keeping your employees and customers safe.

Closewood’s service is thorough and rigorous. We don’t rush a serious job. It’s for this reason that you might find our quote slightly higher than other companies, but we believe PAT testing should be performed thoroughly, and not necessarily quickly.

Are these thoughts on your mind?

Electrical Portable Appliance Testing
  • How many items can you test in one day?
  • My appliance’s lead has wires showing, can it still pass?
  • The case of my appliance is damaged, will it still pass?
  • Are these tests compulsory?
  • How frequently do I need my appliances PAT tested?
  • What does a PAT test involve?
  • How can you test for damage which can’t be seen?

Closewood have the answer

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the examination of electrical equipment for possible safety threats. This not only looks for physical damage to the appliance, but it also tests for damage in its operation.

During PAT tests, we often ask the key question: “Will this piece of equipment pose a threat to the user?”

First, the outer case of the appliance is inspected and checked for any physical damage which could expose live parts. This could be a broken or cracked area, or perhaps a lead with the core exposed. Any exposed live part will result in a test failure because of the risk of shock. If you have an installation or configuration which fails to follow the manufacturer’s design, then the equipment will automatically fail the test.

Next, the fuses are checked to see if they are the right size for the appliance, before earth continuity tests are carried out on the plug, appliance and lead. Closewood tests leads separately, because a lot of appliances have interchangeable leads. This could pose a risk if the lead is borrowed and fails.

After these initial checks, we then carry out an insulation test for the phased supply down to earth, examining whether the appliance will break under test conditions. To test inside a device, we carry out load checks to diagnose a fault in the appliance’s operation.

Although PAT testing isn’t compulsory, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure all appliances are safe and do not pose a danger.

A thorough PAT test gives you greater peace of mind, ensures your equipment is safe, and protects your staff and customers.

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What you can expect from us…

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  • Methodical test and inspection of all appliances.

There is a limit to how many items one person can properly test in a day and in an ideal situation, with everything in one room, the maximum is around 150 items.

If you are being quoted for more items make sure that they follow the similar guidelines above. Especially with regards to HSE guidelines.

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