Electrical Load Monitoring

Are you concerned about the possibilities of overloads, malfunctions or other operational problems with your electrical system? Whether you are looking for reassurance of your units adequacy or looking for results to tackle a performance problem, our electrical team can help you.

What’s involved?

Load monitoring is carried out by connecting special instrumentation to the main supply of the electrical unit, usually the switchgear or other prime locations where load voltage is needed.

Our equipment will then measure currents and voltage and provide a detailed report for analysis through a ‘Data logging system’. These connections will need to stay on the unit for 3 to 30 days (dependent of the electrical system) to provide the most accurate readings.

The Outcome

The Data logging system will detect spikes or dropouts in your electrical supply. Our generated report will then be studied by electrical expertise to find a resolution to any issues affecting your electricity or any areas for improvement.

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How will it affect me?

The current measuring is carried out using non-intrusive induction coils and will simply attach to your unit whilst it is still active. This means you don’t have to turn any appliances off or have to work around the electric specialists.

The Benefits:

  • Better voltage quality of your system.
  • Immediate verification of power system changes and solutions.
  • Information can be provided for discussions with your service provider.
  • A more reliable electrical system and power quality history.
  • Makes your building more energy efficient by locating major power consumptions.

Need a quote?

If you’re interested in having Electrical Load Monitoring performed on your system or would like more information, contact the Closewood team by filling in our form or contacting us over the phone on: 02392 986 449