Electrical Design

Whether you know the exact requirements or have yet to start planning, you can be assured that Closewood will design the best system to suit both your needs and budget. With many years’ experience of wiring power and control systems for offices, buildings and industrial sites, you will be in the hands of professionals who can assess your project and deliver a solution that matches current legislation, best practices, along with environmental guidelines.

What concerns do you have?

  • Can you work from my specifications?
  • I don’t have a design, can you create a design for me?
  • Can you work from my sketches?
  • Will you improve my designs or point out any errors?
  • How will I know you’ll give me what I pay for?

Professional design service

Closewood can work from your own designs and specifications, but we will always double check to see if there is a better and more efficient method of designing your new electrical system.
Electrical Design
However, that doesn’t mean we expect you to come to us with a pile of blueprints, artist impressions and details on exactly what you want. All you need is an idea of what you require and we’ll fit the concept around our knowledge. You’ll receive personalised designs with recommended ideas and innovations, plus a thorough explanation of the processes involved in the design of the project and how it will be implemented. If there are alternatives which improves efficiency or reduce costs, then you will be made aware of these at this stage.
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What you can expect from us…

  • Technical capability to deliver what you want.
  • Recommendations which are more efficient.
  • Quality electrical designs that can be outlined on paper, if required.
  • Accurate calculations and cost.
  • In-depth knowledge from over 35 years of experience
Call the Closewood team on 02392 986 449 to tell us what plans you have for your new electrical system.