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Closewood Ltd - Electrical Services

If you want electrical services for your new build or refurbishments Closewood have a team dedicated to precise work, environmental concerns and ensuring that budgets and deadlines are met.

The Hub of any Business

Whether you need an electrical systems installed and maintained, or require recommendations for energy saving on existing systems, Closewood have a solution for you.

We’ve supplied electrical systems in sectors such as construction and defence, and for private and commercial landlords.

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At Closewood we aim to ensure that your project has a low carbon footprint, that future running cost are kept to a minimum and you save as much energy as possible.

Electricity is the backbone of any business, so the installation is always very professional with high standards and quality something we take pride in, and our clients comment on.

The Closewood Service

Electrical Services

As part of our service you will be given a free site survey, free quotation and free visual inspections.

You can also have advice and guidance on your current electrical system and how it can be improved and made more efficient. Advice on lighting and safety legislation is also available and is aligned to the latest developments.

Periodic testing, or electrical condition reporting, is another part of the Closewood service and ensures that employers and landlords can be on top of their legislation rights and keep their building safe for the occupier.

Another part of our comprehensive service is PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) all business should have their electrical equipment tested and labeled every 12 months.

Environmental Benefits with Electrical Services

There are two ways of making big savings in your environmental plan: using appliances only when they are needed and switched off for when they’re not.

If you've got a lamp in the corner that is always on, but not really needed, you're wasting electricity. If you can find a way of turning that lamp off, or dimming it down so you're not using all the power, all of the time, then you can save money.

Closewood will look at your systems and how you operate and find ways to help you save energy and money, while lessening your environmental impact.

Electrical Servies for Businesses

One way we have of showing you the benefits is a payback survey.

Payback Surveys – time becomes money

Using the lamp example from above, but multiplied through a factory or office block, it might cost £10,000 to have your new lighting controls installed.

A payback survey will show you how much money you will save, and how long it will take for the investment to start making money back. In some cases it is as little as 18 months to see the outlay paid by the savings.

Working to Professional Standards

As with all of our teams, Electrical Services have developed a reputation for top quality work and have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest techniques and trusted practices.

Closewood comply with the standards for electrical installation set by the NICEIC and work to, and sometimes beyond those. Health and safety of our staff and our clients is of paramount importance to us and every job runs under strict guidelines and supervision.

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Aftercare Service

With some electrical installations it may take the user time to get accustomed to the controls. On other occasions the change in seasons and daylight hours results in reminders needed on how to operate the remote control or wall panels.

On most occasions a telephone conversation will be enough to refresh the users knowledge. Should the situation require it a member of the team will make an appointment for more detailed training.