Reactive Service

If you have an essential system that develops a fault, or even stops running, you need reassurance that help is close at hand. Closewood’s reactive service can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and equipment.

Types of Service

For clients who have had equipment installed by Closewood they will already be on a planned maintenance contract and will be reassured that the products chosen by Closewood are of the best quality and fit for purpose.

However should a fault occur and a call-out is required Closewood’s team aim to respond within four hours. This is dependent on the time of day, the nature of the problem, location and the current workload.

For clients with critical services, who need an out-of-hours reactive contract, businesses such as data centres, server rooms or places where sensitive products are stored, a dedicated contract will be arranged so that your system is back online as soon as possible.

Due to the variety of clients and systems, each service contract has different requirements but in general Closewood have a four-hour reactive callout time outside office hours.

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Reporting Problems

Clients who are on the out-of-hours reactive service will have a dedicated procedure to adhere to. Within this contract there will be exact guidelines as to Closewood’s reaction times and what the client can expect to happen on the call-out.

Being on the out-of-hours callout service is a benefit if your air conditioning system is in a server room, or your staff work unusual hours or weekends and their comfort is essential for productivity.

This service is also useful for those people who work from home, and have critical areas that need maintaining.

Should a problem occur for those clients who have a normal hours reactive service, they can telephone the Closewood office and the enquiry would be dealt with as per the contract.

If the problem was spotted after office hours, then a recorded message would have to be left and Closewood staff would return the call when the office re-opens and assess the requirements.

Does Closewood keep a fault history?

With all our call-outs and telephone calls there is a record kept of what action was taken and required.

If repairs are needed, is that part of the cost for the reactive service?

It depends on the situation and the guarantees that came with the equipment. Closewood have very good relationships with all the manufactures and by having the maintenance contracts in place can keep the guarantees up to date. Unless you are signed up to an out of hours reactive contract where you will have a direct contact number for out of hours service.