Pre-planned Service

There is a dedicated maintenance department, with fully qualified and experienced engineers who are always well presented, polite, helpful, and discreet.

They endeavour to accommodate any special requirements and note these for each visit. Visits will be booked well in advance and the dates not altered unless the engineer is unable to attend due to sickness and even then Closewood will try to utilise another engineer in order to retain the dates given.

What are the benefits?

Regular servicing prevents breakdowns and ensures that equipment is running to optimum efficiency, keeping utility costs as low as possible. On each maintenance visit to your equipment the engineer will complete a comprehensive service following a structured check list.

The plans for this procedure are drawn up by the Maintenance Administration Department and any problems that arise can be dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner, so that they don’t escalate.

What can I expect to happen?

The costs are calculated based on the equipment on site whilst taking into account any site specific requirements that the customer may have.

Following this the agreement is drawn up and emailed to you with provisional visit dates added.

Once you have agreed, signed and returned the forms, then the dates are confirmed on the maintenance schedule.

Should there be a change in regulations or procedures you will be notified at the first opportunity and informed of any impact that this may have on your contract.

How will they fit into my day?

The engineer will work around you and your business where possible with regard to opening and closing times, restricted areas, busy offices.

If you have any issues in between visits we will endeavour to get the maintenance manager to speak to you regarding any problems or queries.

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Do you keep a fault history? Can I see these records?

Yes all reports are saved under the customer’s details on our Service management system. These reports are always emailed to the customer along with the invoice after each visit.

If repairs are needed is that part of the cost?

No, repairs are not included. They would be quoted for and agreed by the customer before commencement.

What is in your agreements?

In every maintenance agreement you will find the value of the agreement, the assets listed and the dates we will provisionally book to visit, also:

  • The prices quoted exclude value added tax and will remain valid for thirty days from the date of the quotation.

  • All works are to be carried out during normal working hours unless specifically detailed otherwise.

  • Our costs are based on our engineer working continuously without interruption and having full access to the equipment.

  • If engineer denied access to any equipment or the site itself, the full cost of maintenance will be remain chargeable.

  • The quoted value accounts for specified maintenance only, unless otherwise stated.

  • The maintenance and care of all the equipment shall remain the sole responsibility of the owner/end user during the duration of the contract.

  • Closewood accepts no responsibility for any breaches of legal owner/operator responsibilities. The fulfilment of all legal requirements remains solely the owner/end user’s responsibility under this contract.

  • Unless otherwise agreed extra works, materials or equipment that would be required to satisfy any current, ongoing or operationally identified Environmental, Health and Safety issues are excluded from this quotation.

Any further investigation or work as recommended by engineer at the time of visit will be quoted for separately.