To keep all air conditioning systems in full working order they need to be maintained, which in turn makes it possible to react to any remedial works that are raised, preventing a small problem growing into bigger, more costly repair.

A regular maintenance contract also ensure that your guarantees are maintained and that if any expensive repairs are needed, they will not incur a hefty cost.

Maintenance Saving Money

Maintenance tasks usually involve regular cleaning of filters, fascias and condensers to help prevent blockages, along with checking for wear and tear.

This will help keep the system running at peak performance, reducing repair costs and prolonging the life of the equipment.

Another benefit for you is that an air conditioning system running efficiently will cost less to operate and provide better air quality.

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Service and Maintenance Contracts

The most popular type of contract is a 12 monthly maintenance whereby we carry out two 6 monthly visits. One visit is a minor and the other more comprehensive.

These can be extended to seven years if you require, or you might feel more comfortable with an alternative scheduled maintenance contract.

All maintenance visits are pre-planned and will be discussed at time of taking out your contract and will mirror the guarantees that come with your air conditioning units.

Should there be an emergency or a problem with your system then a call out will be arranged.