Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning

Since 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been providing dedicated air conditioning solutions which meet the demands of today’s society.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency are at the focal point of our modern world’s societal concerns. MHI are committed to tackling these issues with new and innovative approaches to manufacturing their products. You can see this commitment for yourself in their company tagline: ‘Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow.’

MHI’s KX VRF systems are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, offering simplicity as well as versatility. Up to 80 indoor units can be installed within a single system, offering adjustable air conditioning across a large office or industrial complex.

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With advanced control options and energy-efficient technology, it’s a great air conditioning solution for your environmentally conscious business. MHI also provide various different single and multi-split systems offering the same economical benefits – perfect for residential spaces and small to medium commercial applications.

Thanks to smart design and high performance inverters, MHI’s products offer the top efficiency in their class. To find out more, call Closewood today on 02392 986449.