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Samsung have developed an outstanding reputation for the production of high performance air conditioning systems over the years. They've been praised for technical ingenuity and exceptional aesthetic design.

Closewood encourage you to consider the installation of these high quality systems for the following reasons.

Energy Efficiency

Samsung have taken every care to ensure the efficiency of their air conditioning units. The advanced DVM S system has been fitted with a dual inverter compressor, which requires a minimal power input to generate air of the optimum temperature. Customers who opt for the installation of these efficient systems can expect to enjoy significant energy savings.

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Clean Air Circulation

The Samsung air conditioning systems are designed to ensure the circulation of fresh and clean air. They are fitted with anti-virus filters which prevent the spread of potentially harmful dust particles and mould spores. Residential and commercial owners who enjoy the regular stream of fresh air are less likely to develop common illnesses.

Exceptional Design

The Samsung air conditioning units are designed to cause the least amount of visual interference. They come in a range of subtle colours and blend in naturally with residential or commercial surroundings. These advanced systems also have the benefit of being extremely easy to repair, so there's little reason to worry about the potential of lengthy down-times.

Easy Installation

Closewood are able to guarantee the rapid and affordable installation of Samsung air conditioning units, plus we offer professional maintenance and repair services. If Samsung is your choice for air conditioning give us a call today on [insert number]

website: www.samsung.com/uk/business/business-products/system-air-conditioner/