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Every home can have different requirements, which is why Closewood work with a variety of manufacturers in order to pick the correct equipment for the project.

Daikin UK is one of those manufactures and below are details about their solutions domestic heating and cooling, for information about Daikin’s Commercial operation click here.

Daikin UK Domestic

There is a growing realisation that air conditioning is a good proposition for homeowners and Daikin offer a full range of industry leading products for domestic situations, using the same cutting edge technology employed by leading commercial and industrial companies.

Rising energy costs mean it is more important than ever to for air conditioning to be as efficient as possible. Thanks to Daikin’s innovative and efficient technology, domestic users can also enjoy drastically reduced energy costs and reduce their environmental impact.


Regardless of outside temperatures, Daikin’s renowned heat pump technology provides year-round comfort by regulating temperatures throughout the changing seasons.

Alongside providing precise climate control, Daikin heat pumps can provide totally integrated solutions by also encompassing hot water management and even connecting with solar collectors to further reduce energy consumption.

Available in a wide range of award winning styles, there is a Daikin unit to fit every home.

Hot Water

Hot water is an essential, every-day requirement and Daikin are committed to providing homes with this necessity whilst also reducing energy costs and environmental footprint.

Daikin’s heat pumps generate water temperatures of up to 55°C (even up to 75°C in some cases) by drawing on an infinitely renewable, clean source of energy – air.

Daikin’s Altherma range provides homeowners with the ability to combine domestic hot water and heating systems, all powered through renewable energy from the air.

These combination systems can be up to 3 times as efficient as typical domestic heating and hot water solutions.

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Daikin  Air conditioning Units

Air Conditioning

Daikin has received numerous design awards for the aesthetics of their indoor air conditioning units; not only are they at the forefront of technological advancement, but also stylishly designed to fit seamlessly into the home environment.

Daikin air conditioning units go far beyond conventional requirements, perfectly balancing air temperature, humidity and even purifying the air; providing ideal comfort levels all year round.

Air Purification & Ventilation Having a constant supply of fresh, clean air is a simple way to improve quality of life in today’s better insulated, less breathable, modern homes.

Whilst more efficient insulation makes our homes more energy efficient, it can also trap stale air in the building preventing fresh air from circulating. This lack of clean air can create greater allergy risks, lingering odours and increased mould from the additional condensation.

Daikin’s Air Purifiers utilise the latest technology to remove harmful agents from the air creating a healthy environment in your home.

In order to create a continuous cycle of clean, optimal quality air for a domestic environment, Daikin’s ventilation systems work in harmony with Air Purifiers.

Moisture is absorbed in outdoor units and streamed to the matching indoor unit where it is evenly distributed throughout the room. This process of humidification helps to reduce sore throats and dry skin whilst also allowing the body to feel naturally warmer lessening reliance on heating demands.

The dehumidification process reduces indoor humidity by mixing cool, dry air with warm air so your rooms never get hot and stuffy.

Using Daikin’s flash streamer technology outdoor ventilation units remove unpleasant or harmful gases and odours from the air before the indoor unit purifies the air stripping pollen, dust and other irritants leaving only high quality, perfectly clean air.

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website: www.daikin.co.uk/domestic/index.jsp