Daikin Commercial Air Conditioning

At Closewood we realise that every building can have different requirements so we work with a variety of manufacturers in order to pick the correct equipment for the project.

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Daikin UK is one of those manufactures and below are details about their Commercial equipment, for information about Daikin’s domestic solution click here.

Daikin Commercial

Specialising in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and purification and refrigeration technologies, Daikin products can be individually tailored to find an answer to your commercial requirements.

Daikin UK have been at the forefront of innovative technology for over 70 years supplying ground breaking, award winning products in a vast spectrum of commercial niches including banks, offices, shops and hospitals.

They have a proven track record with manufacturing and supplying premium quality, industry leading products.

As with Closewood, Daikin are committed to efficiency and their solutions allow clients to lessen their environmental impact whilst also significantly reducing their outgoing energy expenditure.

Heating & Air Conditioning

From small restaurants to large, multi-story offices, Daikin offer a variety of heating and air conditioning solutions to suit commercial businesses of any size and focus.

In an era of constantly rising energy prices, efficiency is of paramount importance to forward thinking commercial businesses.

Using Daikin’s heat pump powered technologies to combine heating and hot water processes can produce major savings. And by drawing on air-source and solar powered renewable energy can also reduce negative environmental impact by lessening reliance on harmful fossil fuels.

Redesigned specifically to adhere to the latest seasonal efficiency legislation, Daikin’s light commercial Sky Air range is the leading system in commercially available heating and air conditioning technology, allowing businesses to manage their heating, cooling and ventilation needs through one user friendly control system.

Up to 40% more efficient than previous models, the Sky Air range makes use of split heat pump technology to provide year round comfort with minimal noise and visual disturbance, making it the ideal solution for both new build and refurbishment projects.

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Climate Management

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For larger scale climate management tasks encompassing whole buildings, the VRV range offers complete control whilst also reducing energy usage and costs by making use of highly efficient heat recovery.

The modular design of the VRV system means it is ideal for a building where many individual climate challenges are presented. Differing climate requirements can all be easily managed, room by room, through one single point of contact, using advanced selection software.

The Altherma Flex range combines the renowned VRV technology with Daikin’s Altherma range to produce a high temperature air to water heat pump system perfectly suited to commercially and residential application.

The Daikin Altherma Flex Type is about 3 times as efficient as an A-rated boiler in Western/Central European climates offering 36% lower running costs and 71% fewer CO2 emissions than a standard oil boiler.

Ventilation & Air Purification

Ever more stringent construction regulations, continue to force the insulation efficiency of buildings higher and higher, seemingly reducing the need for heating and cooling solutions.

Unfortunately, the by-product of this improved insulation is an increased amount of trapped, stale air bringing with it lower oxygen levels, heightened allergy risks, lingering odours and mould-causing condensation.

To combat this, Daikin offers a range of ventilation and air purification solutions to ensure that the air quality within buildings remains optimal.

Daikin’s air purifiers combine humidifying and purification processes to remove impurities from the air and eliminate potentially harmful agents, creating a healthier, more pleasant environment whilst ventilation systems improve indoor comfort by facilitating a constant flow of fresh air.


Daikin also offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration solutions to suit every commercial need. From sprawling, temperature regulated warehouse to convenience store freezers, Daikin’s energy efficient integrated refrigeration systems can offer businesses significantly reduced environmental footprints.

Closewood and Daikin

As you can see Daikin UK have a wide range of products for a variety of situations and once we have completed a site visit we will know which of their products we will be recommending for your project.

There is more about Daikin UK’s Commercial offiering here

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