Air Conditioning Sales

From first contact to final hand-over, you can be assured that every detail of your installation, service or maintenance will have the consistent level of expert professionalism that clients expect from Closewood.

Beyond the First Contact

During your initial contact Closewood will ascertain what you are looking for, what is important to you and the environment into which that the systems will be installed. Following that, Closewood will carry out a comprehensive survey, from those findings we would produce a quotation and talk you through our processes. In the report you will be told exactly what system we propose to install, where it will go and any savings you will make from payback periods and reduced energy consumption. There are comprehensive details about the survey on this page: Site Survey
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From Walk-through to Completion

Once you have had time to consider the survey, have asked any follow-up questions and then placed an order, you will be given a walk-through of the project, during which the specifics can be described in detail. You’ll be shown the routes, where the pipework will go and locations of the outdoor and indoor units, so that you are fully aware of what system will be installed, how it could affect your premises and the timelines for the work and the expected end result. This methodology ensures you have no hidden surprises and that when your system is handed over, you are completely satisfied.
Air Conditioning Sales and planning
If, during the installation, any issues arise that involve changing the plan or project, you will be informed immediately and the proposed revision discussed thoroughly so that both parties fully understand how the next stage will proceed.

After the Project Completes

Once your system has been installed and tested, you will be given a formal handover which will include another walk-through. This is in order to inspect the work carried out, coupled with a comprehensive demonstration and tuition on the controls and how they are operated. At this point you will need to decide on whether or not to accept the maintenance proposal, and once you have signed it off, the next visit from Closewood will be the regular system check and servicing. However, we will make contact within the first six weeks to find out if you are satisfied and that the system is running to your expectations.

The Need for Regular Maintenance

Closewood always advise customers to have a maintenance contract as it not only keeps the guarantees valid, but also ensures your system is reliant and running at optimum levels, thereby minimising the possibility of a serious breakdown.
Once the Project Completes
A good example of how regular maintenance helps is cleaning dirty filters. When filters are not cleaned they can cause a system to leak and stain ceiling tiles with a water mark, leading to a double problem: repairing the unit and replacing the tiles. Although it might seem like an added extra, regular maintenance can prove very cost effective. If you would like to discuss our sales process further, or proceed with a Closewood survey, please telephone us on the number below.