Air Conditioning Design

With over 60 years design experience Closewood always look to provide the best design option to suit both budget and building.

The design of any air conditioning system is complex with many different factors to consider. Providing the correct design will ensure that the system will be user friendly and as efficient as possible keeping energy cost to a minimum.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of cutting corners and opting for a cheaper system which is less likely to suit the building and requirement, which in the long run is likely to cause higher running costs, employee/user dissatisfaction and a reduction in life cycle of the equipment.

Fully Bespoke AC System

Every building and requirement is different and needs to be designed as such.

We would generally know straight away what type of system would suit the building, but will always take a step back and evaluate to ensure the clients requirements are fully understood and the most efficient and cost effective system is chosen.

Also taken into account is any aesthetic requirements for areas where a more prestigious bespoke unit is better suited.

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The design process is more than just selecting equipment to serve a specific area consideration needs to be made to some key points:

  • Potential building control or planning requirements

  • Besopke Air Conditioning Design
  • Calculation of heat gains within the space to determine the required heating & cooling loads

  • Positioning of both outdoor condensers and indoor fan coil units taking into account access issues in locating the units into position

  • Designing the most efficient pipework route between outdoor condensing unit and indoor fan coil units, ensuring that manufacturers set limits for pipe run lengths are not exceeded

  • Identify the most suitable fan coil units to serve the space and meet the clients requirements

  • Locate a safe and accessible route for condensate drainage ensuring that it is not discharge on a fire exit route

  • Power supply requirements, are there sufficient spare ways on the distribution board to accommodate the required air conditioning power supply

  • All systems to be installed to accommodate safe and easy access for future maintenance or repair

  • Ensure the system controls are designed based on the client’s requirements and suited to the system.

The correct controls package will ensure efficient running costs and flexibility to personalise the system to suit specific areas of the building through our comprehensive survey we will cover all of the required aspects to enable the design of a bespoke system to suit the client’s needs and budget utilising the most efficient and innovative products available.

Should access to a building be restricted or it be a new build we will happily work from drawings and tender documents to provide a detailed quotation based on the information available.