Air Conditioning Commissioning

Commissioning is a crucial part of the system installation this will ensure that the installation has been completed to a standard that will ensure the system operates properly and as efficiently as possible and highlight any issues within the system.

Closewood engineers are all competent in commissioning any air conditioning system with the confidence of the manufacturer to offer full warranties without one of their engineers having any involvement; this sets Closewood apart from many other companies who cannot offer this and have additional cost and waiting time for a manufacturers engineer to attend and commission.

We have achieved this standard by working closely with manufacturers and regularly attending their courses to ensure our engineers are kept up to date and abreast of the latest equipment and best practices, along with proving company credibility and soundness.

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Commissioning is something that cannot be rushed or short cuts taken as this will almost certainly cause problems further down the line and could possibly invalidate warranties and cause system failures.

The ability to commission our own installations means that our engineers follow the installation from start through to completion and commissioning this allows elements of the commissioning process to be inspected and noted during the installation of the system.

Highly Skilled Staff

The bulk of commissioning an air conditioning system is dependent on the system having electrical connection and power to the system; this is an area that can hold commissioning up with the waiting of a qualified electrical engineer.

Final electrical connection and power is something that can be undertaken in house at Closewood with our own employed electrical engineers, this ensures that commissioning is not held up in any way and the new system is in operation as quickly as possible.

Commissioning is made up of some very simple elements such as ensuring drainage pipework is not running uphill, but then on the other hand there are some very technical elements such as the wiring and ensuring that all units are addressed correctly (communicating to each other).

Each element is just as important and the correct amount of time should be allocated to each element.

Other Key elements of commissioning involve:

  • Correctly calculating any additional charge of refrigerant required in the system

  • Ensuring that the installation is correct to the design schematics

  • Any branch boxes are installed at the correct angle

  • Ensure that all pipework is supported correctly and well insulated

One of the most important areas of commissioning that often gets overlooked or with minimal time spent on, but one of the most important is the hand over to the client. We pride ourselves on handing over a fully operational system to the client and ensuring that the client is happy with its operation and control.

Control of the system could dictate how efficient the system will function; therefore it is crucial that best practice is understood. We have telephone assistance available to talk the client through any uncertainty and will return to site for further training should it be required.

Getting commissioning wrong can mean the difference between a system working perfectly or not working at all.