Air Conditioning & Ventilation for Educational Establishments

You can never trust the great British climate – we can have a heatwave in the winter, snow in Spring, and torrential downpours in the summer.

For schools, it can be a perpetual nightmare keeping buildings comfortable for students and teachers, providing the perfect environment to learn.

There are no rules which prescribe maximum temperatures for school or colleges – in fact, for any workplace. But the Government’s Workplace Regulations advise a minimum temperature of 16°c.

The National Union of Teachers is pressing for legislation which would require schools to stick to World Health Organisation recommendations that students should not have to study in classrooms when the temperature hits 24°c

After all, we can all remember the times sweltering in stuffy classrooms, falling asleep to the monotonous drone of the teacher, waiting for the end of lesson bell to ring.

Key examinations tend to crop up during the hottest months of the year, so without proper air conditioning & ventilation, these can be uncomfortable occasions for nervous students toiling in stuffy exam halls.

Fortunately, many educational establishments have now become wise to the added value which air conditioning & ventilation systems can bring. It also includes creating a greener and environmentally friendly surroundings.

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Closewood Provides the Perfect Solution for you

With Closewood, not only will you have heating and cooling contained in one unit, but with the latest technology you can adapt temperatures from classroom to classroom by means of a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small nursery to a large university, Closewood can provide the perfect solution for you. It could be general classrooms, computer rooms, food technology classrooms, music rooms, drama studios, the school gymnasium or administration offices, we will source the latest technology which works for you.

With growing student numbers and many schools forced to teach in temporary, outside classrooms, we can provide a portable solution which works in these environments too.

Our highly-trained team of professional engineers will find the solution which perfectly fits your budget and deliver the project on time.

Testing and Keeping on top of Regulations

We take pride in every aspect of our work, from planning through to implementation, and we will work around you to ensure that the units are fitted seamlessly in a busy working environment.

Once the equipment has been installed, our engineers will carry out tests to ensure that your system doesn’t leak when the refrigerant is added. Pipework is also inspected before the refrigerant is recharged, the system set-up, and handed over to you.

Post-installation, we will work with you to ensure that you fully understand your system and its operation, working with you to ensure that your air conditioning system is well-maintained and running efficiently. Ensuring that all documentation is in place and providing information with regard to This will include carrying out an air conditioning energy assessment.

All air conditioning units over 12kW have to be regularly assessed under the Energy Performance of Buildings’ Directive and this has to be carried out every five years. The air conditioning energy assessment is a standalone assessment not to be confused with some of the other required building assessments.