Air Conditioning for Data Centres

Providing Versatile Data Centre Cooling Solutions to suit every specific application by utilising the most energy efficient technologies

Data Centre cooling is a highly specialised area and at Closewood we have the expertise to design, install and commission the system that best suits your application. This is supported by our in-house maintenance team to ensure continued system operation.

Precisely controlling the environment in your data centre/server room is critical to ensuring the best possible performance of servers and essential equipment, along with continued operation and risk of downtime and business disruption. Due to the nature of these rooms and their operation it is paramount that these unique areas have their own dedicated systems.

The Right Strategy for Lowering Energy Costs

Having the correct control strategy is an area where many companies fail, resulting in the client paying excessive energy costs and the under performance of the system resulting in needless reactive call out visits to site and client dissatisfaction.

Due to the nature of these systems and the 24/7 365 days a year operation it is crucial to ensure maximising the performance of the system and introducing free cooling where possible. Free cooling can be achieved by introducing filtered direct outside air into the required space. This process is a sustainable low carbon low energy solution which works very effectively and in tandem with any installed cooling solution.

Closewood are able to offer a comprehensive range of IT cooling systems; CRAC, in line/ in row, chillers, DX condensers, pipe installations, water distribution cabinets and water heat exchangers. Always looking to add alternative technologies to our business allows Closewood to stay at the forefront of our industry.

This coupled with close trading partnerships with specialist manufactures we can design and install the perfect close control system, and can engineer N+1 standby arrangements giving you the peace of mind that should one system breakdown, you have a backup system that automatically picks up the pieces to maintain the temperature within your room.

On average, 30 – 50% of the energy costs in data centres are attributable to the cooling infrastructure. For this reason, Closewood focuses particular attention on energy-efficient cooling components and cross-system control concepts.

Working closely with our clients to better understand their specific requirements will ensure that a tailored approach is in place to deliver the best possible solution for your cooling requirements.