Free Site Survey

For all air conditioning, electrical and mechanical installations, services or refurbishments, Closewood will provide you with a free site survey.

You’ll get a quick response to your request and be receive concise details about the system or service that will suit the needs of your business and budget. Contact us now and we’ll get to work.

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Understanding Your Business

When requesting a free site survey from Closewood you’ll be in the hands of a company with 18 years experience during which a wide variety of systems have been supplied and installed into many types of building.

You will always be offered a solution that matches your requirements and designed to be very beneficial when it comes to running costs and comfort. You also get the benefit of a ‘second look’ when your surveyor reports back to the Closewood office.

Experience Keeps Us Thinking

Even though experience will have guided the initial decision on what system to install, we always take a longer look and discuss if there is a different, or better way of approaching the project. Our aim is to always provide you with a solution that has long term benefits to you, especially with running costs, maintenance and carbon savings.

Nine times out of ten we will go with our initial thought, but sometimes a better option becomes obvious and that is one of the benefits you get from a Closewood survey.

Once you have booked a site survey we will provide:

  • the time and date
  • details on the person performing the survey
  • any accreditation information
Make An Enquiry
or call 08431 760 366

What is involved in a site survey?

The site survey is always structured around your business and operating hours. Our aim is to be as unintrusive as possible, but to perform a full survey we will need to inspect many areas.

To understand the installation process we’ll have to get above the ceiling panels, look into riser cupboards, visit the roof or the location where the outdoor unit will be placed.

Other considerations are the electrical supplies, pipe runs, access to certain areas, health and safety and further maintenance. We ensure that once the installation is completed there is easy access for a maintenance engineer for when servicing is required.

It is in our interest to make sure we gather as much information as possible to enable us to help you make the most informed decision.

In a working office this is sometimes not possible and cases like this the initial survey will give the best summary possible, with the proviso that Closewood will come back at a more suitable time should you wish to move the project forward.

A Future Proof Survey

When it comes to unexpected costs and future uses your survey will have both areas covered.

Your site survey is comprehensive and will show you what work will be done, when it will happen and a fixed figure on how much it will cost.

During the survey you will be asked for as much information as possible as to the future use of the rooms and building.

For example if you have a large open office area will you be looking to have cellular offices at some time? Will you be creating a meeting room, or a board room? In these cases we ensure that the system we recommend will give you as much flexibility as possible.

How long does a survey take to complete?

Depending on the size of the project, it can take anything from half an hour to two hours. The duration depends on your availability, the amount of access and the size of the property.

If you are looking for a quick understanding of budget and price then we can turn it around in twenty four hours, depending on the size and scope of the project.

If you are looking for payback periods on existing systems these may take longer due to the calculations based on your current running costs, compared to a new system and the length of your payback period.

How detailed is the Survey?

You’ll get a breakdown of what Closewood have seen, the equipment that we’re proposing, where we’re proposing to locate the units and the pipe runs, which offices they’re going to run through, are they going to run up a riser to the roof or down a riser to the ground floor.

There will be also be some indication of the route of your pipework and what your systems are going to look like. If you require a detailed report data sheets can also be supplied.