Energy Assessment

The primary aim of the TM44 inspection report is to give building owners and operators information about the performance of the systems and plant, and to identify opportunities to save energy and cut operating costs.

The report identifies any operating anomalies, low and no cost savings and capital investment opportunities, the size and effectiveness of the plant installed in relation to cooling loads, and an examination of the current maintenance regimes.The inspection consists of examination of the following where applicable:

— System documentation

— Refrigeration plant

— Heat rejection equipment

— Waterborne cooling and air conditioning systems

— Air handling units and ductwork

— Outdoor air inlets

— System Controls

The Air Conditioning Energy Assessment is not to be confused with a building’s energy assessment.

There are many reasons as to why the original installation of an air conditioning system may now not be suitable.

The original system could have been designed for an open plan office, whereas now you have a room that has been divided into offices. Or there may be extra heat gain through more people or electronic equipment.

The assessment will reveal any anomalies such as these examples and supply you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Once the assessment has been completed you receive a full report. The report is also logged at the governing body and a copy kept on file by Closewood.

This is an area where some confusion can occur with a tenant believing that it is the landlords responsibility and the landlord relying on the tenant as the operator of the system being responsible.

The person or business that is the using the system is normally responsible for the assessment.

Another item to note is that the report is written for the person who has sole responsibility for the air conditioning.

Should that person leave the company and not pass the assessment on, then the new owners, or even employer, would have to have another assessment completed within three months of this change.

Penalties for not having an air conditioning inspection report are enforced by local weights and measures (usually through their trading standards officers).

Failure to commission, keep or provide an air conditioning inspection report when required by the regulations means that a penalty charge notice may be issued to those in breach of the requirements.

The penalty for failing to have an air conditioning inspection report is fixed at £300, a further penalty can be issued for failure to provide a copy of the air conditioning inspection report when requested to an officer of an enforcement authority within seven days. This is fixed at £200.

It used to be the case that if no one worked in the room an assessment may not be required, however the legislation has changed over time.

Previously the air conditioning and energy assessment was based upon occupied space. This is why people didn't put a desk and chair in a server room – making it an unoccupied space.

However, the legislation has now changed – server rooms are now included. This means that you do have to have energy assessments for occupied or unoccupied server rooms.

This is dependent upon the size of the system/s. Generally a 12kw system would be assessed within half a day and a job involving 50 outdoor units and 100 indoor units would be closer to a week.

European Community Regulation 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases (the F-Gas Regulation) is the legal instrument by which emissions reductions are to be delivered.

The framework set out by the regulation and its supplementary European Community Regulations is underpinned in Great Britain by the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 (SI2009/261).

The aim of the fluorinated greenhouse gases regulatory framework is to minimise emissions mainly through leak prevention and repair.

Specific provisions include leak checking obligations and requirement that personnel and companies must be appropriately certified if they undertake work on equipment, such as air conditioning.


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