Ductwork Cleaning

If you have a ductwork or ventilation system within your building it will need cleaning at some point. Ductwork cleaning is a simple process which will remove impurities and contaminants, bacteria, dust, and mould that may have built up within the ductwork. Not only can this be a health and wellbeing issue but it can seriously impact on the performance of the system, energy costs and life cycle of the equipment. An uncleaned ductwork system will circulate any impurities and contaminants throughout the property.

Rules and strict legislation relating to the maintenance and ductwork cleaning are in place to ensure the health and safety of those within the property. There can be insurance implications should there be a situation where contaminated ductwork could aid the spread or in some instances cause a fire. TR19 is the standard set out by BESA that should be followed for ductwork cleaning. The onus to comply with the legislation falls on building owners and managers whose responsibility it is to ensure an adequate ductwork inspection, maintenance and cleaning regime as required. As with all maintenance tasks it is vital to keep detailed and accurate records of any work completed with photos where applicable. 

We cover a range of ventilation ductwork cleaning including:

— Air Handling Unit Cleaning

— Kitchen Extract & Cooker Hood Cleaning

— Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employers or persons in charge of the premises owe the “common duty of care” to employees and anybody using or visiting the property; and they are required to exercise this duty “so far as is reasonably practical”.

If you are unsure of your legal obligations, require any further information, require a site survey or quotation for ductwork cleaning please get in touch! 


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