Day Two & Three – Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cancer Research Cycle |

Day Two & Three – Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cancer Research Cycle

Posted 1 year ago in Company News

The real cycling has now begun. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Day Two’s ride took a little longer to complete so read on to find out what happened!

Day Two & Three are now done and the guys are getting there, knocking off the days of the challenge. There have been a few ups and downs it seems and I am not just talking about the steep hills they encountered on Day Three. Their journey over the past couple of days has looked something like this…

Day Two begun by riding straight onto a single lane, sandy dirt track for the entire morning where they stopped at a temple for a rest and some photos.

They picked the track back up until they paused for a sentimental moment at 11.00am for a silence to pay their respects to the fallen war heroes. Poppy armbands were adorned along with the cycling gear today to show their support for Remembrance Day.

After another couple of hours cycling on the dirt roads through more rice fields and small villages, they left the bikes and jumped on a coach for a couple of hours where they would ‘supposedly’ be reunited with their trusty steeds and cycle to the killing fields. Here they should have seen Pol Pots residence following the horrific genocide events in the late 1970’s. However, this didn’t happen as the truck with the bikes on broke down and after a 2 hour wait and the sun disappearing, they got back on the coach and went to the hotel! Not sure how upset they look about that…!

So after the incident of Day Two, there was making up ground to do! Therefore, they started early with a 10 mile round trip to see the killing fields memorial before starting the actual scheduled days ride.

They hammered out the miles all morning on a flat road until lunch. One guy got knocked off his bike by a dog that bolted across the road and straight into him! After a lot of hard work and avoiding erratic animals, it was time for lunch so they stopped at the side of the road after 48 miles before heading off on their approach to the hills.

From 1 – 2pm, at a peak heat of 34 degrees Celsius, they climbed the hills, getting burnt and sweating profusely until finally reaching the top. Here they were greeted with beautiful hill scenery and a long, rewarding descent before the final, smaller climb to the finishing line – 66 miles complete!

I can’t tell you what they both said about the heat this time! But as you can see, they are taking everything that is thrown at them – whether it be daring dogs, broken down vehicles or a complete change of plan. Doesn’t seem like they are doing too badly on the bikes either and the miles are certainly totting up.

Taking all of this into consideration, if you are impressed and ready to show Dean and Paul some support, please do so at our Giving Page here. Let’s keep them going and show them we are thinking of them on the challenge and help them get to their target that is now so close to being reached. There is also still the opportunity to win a Bentley for a weekend courtesy of our kind sponsors at Harwoods – details of how to enter are on the Giving Page. We would all prefer to be cruising in a Bentley rather than a bike on a gruelling cycle ride so it is worth entering!

Tomorrow they cross into Thailand so check in here or on our LinkedIn page for an update of how they get on.