Day One – Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cancer Research Cycle |

Day One – Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cancer Research Cycle

Posted 1 year ago in Company News

So day one is complete! Dean Kirby & Paul Cross look like they have had an enjoyable time so far – clearly the legs have not started aching yet!

They rode out at 8.00am from their hotel, through the city and then onto dusty dirt tracks to the temples.

They passed through a rice field where people were fishing with cows grazing and they were hi-fiving and waving to the locals – including the excitable children ushering them on – the whole way.

They stopped at the first temple for an hour (where Tomb Raider was filmed in fact) and then went onto the next temple down sandy tracks…where the first downed bike came courtesy of Dean!

Then it was onto the roads to the main Angkor Wat Temple. They had a yellow curry for lunch and a good walk around the temple with a tour guide. Paul has been quoted to say that the afternoon sun is very hot!

They were then blessed by a monk that soaked them with holy water and gave them a bracelet for long life.

They then cycled back to the hotel through the mayhem of the local roads at a very busy time which was eye opening!!

All sounds like a jam packed day one – only to continue tomorrow when they complete their first long ride of 56 miles!

We are glad they sound like they are having a good time – it is well deserved for the challenge they are completing for such a good cause. We feel tomorrow may be slightly different though! We wish them the best of luck with the first gruelling ride of the journey.

If you are impressed by what you see and want to spur the guys on, please give all you can to our Giving Page here. Your support really is appreciated – especially as you can see the enormity of what they are actually doing now. We would love you to show your support and help keep Dean and Paul going on the road to completing 375km!

Check in for more updates here and on our LinkedIn page – coming soon.