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Closewood – keeping Comms Rooms cool

Posted 1 year ago in Future Thinking Trends
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At Closewood, we always strive to find the solutions that are going to benefit our Clients the most whilst keeping up to date with the ever evolving industry.

Check out these Mitsubishi R32 systems that we recently installed at a Comms Room in Aldershot that are near-on completion.

The Client already had a bank of Servers within their site but were expanding the room and installing additional equipment. With additional equipment comes additional heat and that is where we came in.

We realised that installing the above system using this new type of refrigerant would satisfy the needs for this room whilst also being more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants that could be used. It seems there is a large shift within the industry for using R32 due to the fact it has less effect on global warming and, as a business, we are very aware of this. Using R32 is more economically friendly and creates less O Zone depletion so we factor this in where we can.

However, to make the solution even more worthwhile for the Client, we also installed a Mitsubishi Rotation Panel on the indoor units.

This meant that due to the units working on a 7 day rotation changeover basis, this prolongs the life of the kit due to the fact that workload is distributed between all units and there is not just one unit working repeatedly. Therefore, these units should last much longer.

This also provides a backup should the room experience high level temperatures. Within a Comms Room, keeping the environment cool is of uttermost importance. Here, if one system cannot cope as the temperature has got too high, another one kicks in to aid in keeping the room constantly cool. This would also mean that if one unit were to fail for any reason, there would be a backup unit that would start to work straight away.

We were happy we could offer a solution that results in a happy Client but also a happier environment whilst being more economically friendly.

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