Air Conditioning

Our approach is always very personal with each project having a senior engineer on site giving you a point of contact to a person with authority. Above the senior engineer is a project manager, who will visit site periodically to ensure everything is running smoothly and to touch base with you.

This brings a chain of command and communication to our relationship and enables any of your observations or queries to be ironed out as soon as possible. Taking this approach has resulted in many glowing references from previous clients. Closewood also hold accreditations with the top two manufacturers of air conditioning products for which:

— Our accounts have to be inspected

— Details given of our training dates (of which there are many)

— Proof that all our engineers are qualified

In a nutshell efficient running costs are the benefit of air conditioning. Not only do you have heating and cooling in one unit but you also have the flexibility of having it switched on or off in whichever room you like. In the winter you can have one room heated and another dormant meeting room switched off. If you want to do that with a normal, conventional central heating system, you would have to go round and manually turn all the radiators off. With a modern air conditioning system you can do that from various types of controller or smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You can also have the individual unit timed to go on. If you know that every evening you go to bed at 10:00 set the timer for five to ten and you room will be perfect when you enter. Meanwhile the spare bedroom can remain unheated and keeping your home more efficient. Or if you know staff always arrive at 8:45 in the morning, but only use two rooms, then those rooms can be pre-programmed to heat up 15 minutes before they arrive. In the summer the same unit can make a room cool before you enter. It is that flexibility that can help improve the ambience of a room, office and building in all seasons. It can make work more productive and home a comfortable place to be all year round.
Where some see maintenance as a headache and hassle, Closewood see it as the other half of the job. Closewood go beyond the installation, we see it through from start to finish and that is what makes us different. You’ll find we are very structured in what we do. Unlike other organisations in our industry, we have a maintenance division and after the installation team have completed their works these are the people who will ensure that the 5, 7 or 10 years parts warranties on your system remain intact. Closewood always install the best equipment and with a regular maintenance program that investment can be maximised, while keeping the air conditioning equipment within its guarantees. Should there be a problem, we’ll already know the system, how it was put together and because the warranties are intact we’ll be able to make sure the repair is as inexpensive as possible.

Important points to note:

— Core engineers are employed by Closewood

— Only approved Subcontract labour is used

— Clients are provided with various options

— Contracts to suit your specific requirements

— Running cost calculations and pay back timelines

— Installation management

— Service and maintenance both pre-planned and reactive 24/7 365 days

— Finance options are available

— Qualified engineers

— Health & Safety accreditations

— Refcom Elite registered



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