Case Study: Powrmatic Vision Helps Dentist Install Air Conditioning

Dental Practice, Hampshire
Dental Practice is a specialist root canal service based in Hampshire. Appointments are made following a referral from dentists, although contact can be made directly. The Business Owner, one of the specialists at the Dental Practice carries out procedures which include root canal treatment (most common procedure), root canal re-treatment, endodontic surgery, tooth whitening, pulp therapy, treating dental trauma and pain diagnosis.

When Did This Project Start And When Was It Completed?

Closewood were first engaged by the client in February 2016, the project commenced and was completed in September 2016

What Problems Did The Client Have?

The client required an energy-efficient system installed which would be able to provide heating or cooling to the building. The client had difficulty in obtaining planning permission to locate external condensing units as the building is made up of commercial and residential units. After meeting with the client and obtaining a thorough understanding of the requirements and the past difficulties Closewood established a plan of action to enable the project to move forward.

What Were The Results?

The pain-free installation of an efficient air conditioning system which will ensure client comfort is met during what can be an anxious visit to undergo treatment. The installation and equipment is aesthetically pleasing and by no way intrusive in the areas located. This has been achieved whilst taking careful consideration to the residential dwellings within the building and nearby.
Facing reception with the air conditioning units hidden
The Powrmatic Vision range requires no external condenser

From A Closewood Perspective…

“Closewood were pleased to have been involved with the client and overcome the obstacle of obtaining planning permission for the project. I am sure we can all relate to an uncomfortable visit for treatment on our teeth, it was a pleasure to work with a company with the same customer focus as ourselves, looking to ensure that the client receives the best service in a comfortable environment. Whilst still being mindful of energy costs and having efficient equipment installed.”

The Client’s View…

At the design stage, I liked how Closewood appreciated the residential constraints I faced and redesigned the systems to allow for my circumstances. During installation, I was pleased Closewood were efficient and neat leaving my clinical areas tidy and presentable. I am so happy to now have air conditioning in both surgeries. I find I can concentrate better during the course of a work day in my cool surgery environment and find I am less fatigued by the day’s end when compared to before installation.

Benefits of the Powrmatic Vision range

The Powrmatic Vision range is a twin duct low-level PTAC air conditioner & heat pump and removes the need for an outdoor unit. The Vision requires no external condenser, saving you costs on installation and improving the aesthetic appearance of your building. The 162mm twin duct and a 14mm condensate pipe hole reduces the outdoor impact of air conditioning systems and seamlessly integrates into any exterior building design.