Case Study: Portsmouth Park & Ride

In the latest phase of a £28 million regeneration of the gateway to Portsmouth, the new Park and Ride scheme provides over 600 car parking spaces and a priority bus service into the city centre.

What Problems Did The Client Have?

The client needed to find an efficient environmentally friendly system to provide heating and hot water to the building along with the ability to keep it cool in higher temperatures.

The Portsmouth Gateway
The Portsmouth Gateway

What Actions Were Taken To Solve The Problem?

Closewood installed a Daikin Altherma system to serve the waiting area at the park and ride waiting area. The system which is capable of providing hot water as well as heating to the area is one of the most efficient system on the market. To overcome the higher temperatures an air source heat pump was installed to provide cooling when required. This system utilises the outside air temperature

What Were The Results?

The installation of a very efficient & reliable systems to ensure that any waiting time was done in comfort be it the need for heating or cooling.

A display of how the altherma works
Display of how the altherma works

From Closewood’s perspective…

“Closewood were pleased to be involved in a project that should see a reduction in carbon and congestion in and around Portsmouth City Centre.”

The Client’s view…

“As always Closewood have provided the best solution and workmanship for the project.”

SSE Project Manager