Case Study: A Nationwide R22 Replacement Systems Within Uplink Cabins & Remote Facilities

With the client having a diverse portfolio of systems and locations this was an intriguing challenge for the team at Closewood. Some of the installations needed off-road access and therefore a low maintenance solution.

When Did This Project Start And When Was It Completed?

The project started in late 2013 and was completed toward the end of 2014.

Closewood were tasked with completing an R22 phase out project for one of its blue chip clients who have locations throughout the UK. This particular project took our engineers to Hampshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, London, Essex and Gloucester along with Southern & Northern Ireland.

The majority of all R22 equipment that Closewood had highlighted, needed to be replaced before 2015. This was achieved before the target date, with additional systems added throughout the project

The new system
Before & After: Replacing air conditioning with ventilation system and outside air temperature (free cooling)

What Problems Did The Client Have?

The client had to maintain a high level of service throughout the works and ensure that each area still had the capability to cool.

Due to the age of the equipment there was frequent equipment failures. The remote nature of some of the facilities also meant the client was looking for a solution where the air conditioning system could be replaced utilising a ventilation system and outside air temperature (free cooling).

We had highlighted to the client that the R22 systems would require either a drop in refrigerant or replacement system.

Due to the nature of the client’s business and services provided it was agreed that the preferred option would be to totally remove the R22 system and replace with new equipment and pipework services.

The old system before it was replaced and improved
The old system before it was replaced and improved

In some instances the R22 refrigerant can be removed from the system and an alternative drop-in can be used. This generally only delays the need for a replacement system.

In some cases the air conditioning system was replaced with a ventilation system negating reducing the risk of mechanical failure, this was predominantly carried out at facilities located in very remote areas and in some cases requiring off road vehicles to access.

What Actions Were Taken To Solve The Problem?

A well planned approach was required to put a programme together to replace the systems, utilising Mitsubishi Electric equipment which Closewood are able to offer a 7 year parts warranty.

For facilities that were located in very remote areas, the client was keen to replace the air conditioning system with a forced air ventilation system. This was a preferred option to reduce the risk of mechanical breakdowns.

Using the Mitsubishi Electric audit tool we were able to provide the client with running calculations and payback periods for replacement systems.

These systems were located in critical areas servicing businesses such as the BBC, Virgin Media, Channel 5 and ITV along with a multitude of radio stations. This project required a well thought out process and planning with areas unavailable during key events such as the Olympic Games, Royal wedding and Xmas period.

Working closely with the client and each specific site we were able to complete this project without any disruption to the client’s business on time and on budget.

The new system
Project completed on time and on budget without any disruption to the client’s business.

What Were The Results?

The client received the installation of much more efficient systems and, for areas that were not easily accessible, required less maintenance.

We have since secured further work to replace aging systems and working closely with the client to improve energy consumption throughout their portfolio of sites.

One of our more recent projects enabled us to utilise the hot air produced from one part of the building through servers to heat another part of the building that was suffering from low temperatures.

Both areas were then supplemented with air conditioning systems that would come into operation when required.

Closewood’s View

“It is always easier working with a client who is prepared to consider various options allowing us to tailor the right solution to each site. This portfolio of sites differed so much, it made it very interesting and enabled us to fully utilise our knowledge and skill set to achieve the results required.

The Client’s Observations

“The service your company provides is top quality – from initial request for information and proposal to the completion of project. Your on-site Engineers are competent and professional always prepared to go the extra mile for the client”

Project Manager

Technology – Property & Infrastructure

If you have a project that requires similar skills and planning, or have another type of installation that needs attention please contact the Closewood team on 02392 986449.