PIR Lighting System

Wouldn’t it be great when you walked into a room the lights turned on and when you left they switched off? Not only would it feel like technology is working for you, but it also help you save energy and money, plus gives you peace of mind that overnight you’ll not be lighting rooms unnecessarily.

With every electrical design and project Closewood is involved in we are installing PIR system on a regular basis. From an administrative perspective it make people’s life easier and will also improve your environmental standing. At first it seems like magic but quickly becomes a standard way of operating, until you visit somewhere that doesn’t have a PIR system. Then is becomes really obvious how good they are.

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Free PIR System with every Plant Room Refurbishment

How They Work

Normally used in security systems this motion based device measures the infrared light and radiation emitted from objects, in this case it’s people. When heat is detected the switch is activated and the light is turned on, when the room is empty they are set to switch off within a minute or so.

Even if you are using environmentally friendly bulbs or LED lighting, you don’t need to light a room that isn’t being used and with people’s minds sometimes too busy to think about switches this system delivers a cost-saving solution.

Where to Position Your Sensor.

You need to take care where you position your sensor. It needs to be alert to people entering a room, while not picking up other activity such as someone walking past a window, or equipment that becomes hot during the day or night. For something like a plant room one sensor should be enough, but any sized room can be configured to use a PIR system.

With over 20 years of experience you can reply on Closewood to install the best solution for you. Contact us for a quote and free site survey today.

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